Founded in 2002, Wagner, Elbling & Company is a consultancy specialized in the European energy industry with substantial expertise in all related topics.


Wagner, Elbling & Company was founded by Albrecht Wagner and Oliver Elbling after already long-time consultancy work in 2002.

Based on the expertise from the first implementation of the 2. EU energy package and the associated market opening in Austria the scope of consulting services was quickly extended to other countries. Like in Austria, Wagner, Elbling & Company supported – and supports – major players in the natural gas industry when designing and implementing gas market liberalization in Europe.

Starting from design and implementation of network access models and the following unbundling of independent network operators and central market roles, the pool of services was rapidly extended to trading and distribution with focus on Germany and Central Europe.

Given the track record in designing and developing network access, balancing models and virtual trading points, Wagner, Elbling & Company evolved as the top address when implementing load forecasting, transport, balancing group management and for the adaption and renegotiation purchase and supply contracts. Responding to the development of the energy markets and related customer queries, the range of services was gradually extended to procurement and portfolio management, product strategy, development, pricing and valuation and asset management based on mathematical methods (gas power plants, gas storages, long term supply contracts).

The profound expertise related to market-based storage valuation and management and the experience in implementing operational transport management designates Wagner, Elbling & Company as a competent contact for storage operators when addressing product design, pricing or implementation of operating models and systems.

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